Posted on June 25th, by Bob Stephens

Friday night Ben made it 3 A-Main victories in a row at Hattiesburg Speedway. In hot laps he felt down on power and the engine sounding a little flat. In the pits, he and Terry Harvey diagnosed the problem as a bad spark plug wire. (Timely issue of Speedway Illustrated with cover story regarding claims of plug wire manufacturers)

After replacing the faulty plug wire, Ben went out for his heat race where he started second row inside. He quickly advanced to the front of the pack and took home the win and an outside front row starting position for the A-Main.

Ben elected to not make any chassis adjustments prior to the main event due to the late models preceding the modified race. Ben took his outside front row starting position in the field of 16 modifieds. At the drop of the green flag Ben and the pole sitter broke away from the field in a torrid door-to-door battle. Ben could get to the inside but could not get a strong enough run to make the pass for the lead. A caution flag flew in the closing laps of the race that set up a green/white/checkers finish. When the green flag flew, Ben made one more attempt to the inside in turns 3 and 4 only to come up a little short as the white flag flew. Entering turn three on the final lap, Ben made a move as if going to the bottom but instead powered through the middle of the corner, came off high with a big run and eclipsed the leader to take the checkered flag by a nose. The crowd was on their feet and many claimed it of the best finish of the season.

Ben commented after the race, “ we ran a pretty clean race with the leader even though he kept me crowded down low coming off the corners so I couldn’t get a good run. I hadn’t tried the high side all night but remembered it had been good in previous weeks so I threw her up there as kind of a Hail Marry and it worked.”

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