Posted on September 22nd, by Bob Stephens

(Hattiesburg, MS) Ben’s co-driver and crew chief apprentice Bowen, felt as though it would be good for dad to load up and head to Hattiesburg Speedway for some Saturday night “big boys playing in the dirt.” Rapidly approaching his 5th birthday, Bowen was in command of the evening, helping guide his primary driver to a heat race win followed by an exhausting trip to Victory Lane in the A-Feature.

Starting on the pole of the heat race, Ben stepped out to a comfortable lead that was erased by an early caution flag. On the restart he returned to his rhythm and took the checkers by a substantial margin. “The car was good but needed to be better,” Ben commented in a late-night text to his PR staff. Ben made a slight adjustment to his right-rear upper bar (for those of you who pretend to know what that means, I ain’t got a clue) and lined up outside the front row for the A-Feature.

As the field of modifieds took the green flag, Ben made a move on the outside and nosed ahead of the pole-sitter coming out of turn two but the caution light came on. Thinking it would be a complete restart, Ben was surprised when race control said, “Delaware double-file restart with the pole-sitter out front.” Okay, the field takes the second green flag and leader makes it through turns 1 & 2 only to charge into turn 3 and spin out. Still having not completed a lap, Ben thought he would be on point for the next Delaware double-file restart; oh no Batman, race control put the spinning pole sitter back on point. After two more version of this, “Who’s on First?” caution flag arrangement, Ben finally charged around the outside of the point-man, rode the high-side cushion to his second Victory of his abbreviated 2019 season.

Bowen was pleased with his driver’s skill and patience and gave him a joyous hug for a job well done. Another great night of family fun while representing our loyal sponsors and supporters in Victory Lane.

We truly appreciate all the help and contributions from our loyal sponsors.