Posted on September 9th, by Bob Stephens

(Hattiesburg, MS) It was a night of 4’s Saturday night at Hattiesburg Speedway’s Curtis Burns Memorial race. Ben timed in 4th quick, locked into the Main Event, finished 4th in the Top-6 dash, started 4th in the 40-lap Main Event and then finished 4th after a hard-fought battle.

Twenty-four modifieds took the green flag on what turned out to be a track much slicker than Ben had anticipated. “I had set the car up for what I thought would be a track with a little more bite plus a little berm, neither of which was the case when we took the track,” Ben commented after the race.

At the drop of the green flag, Ben took to the top side thinking he could get hooked up and gone but found nothing but crumbs and dust. After settling back into 4th, he held steady until the first caution. He made several neat moves on restarts, advancing to 3rd on one and 2nd on another. The second half of the race ran almost caution free and as the laps wound down, Ben’s car got too loose to maintain his 2nd place position. He finally took the green flag in 4th, loaded up with only minor body damage and felt pretty good about his efforts. Ben’s co-driver Bowen, enjoyed hanging with the older boys, reminiscent of when they once played in the dirt with toy race cars.

We certainly appreciate all the support from friends, family and sponsors to make it possible for Ben to display his driving talent.

We truly appreciate all the help and contributions from our loyal sponsors.